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Operational & Project
Management System

Operational & Project Management System : Provides an optimizing scheduler that automates your resources tasks.


Most companies fail to consider overall process performance as they create policies, procedures and manage and operate projects and resources. The resulting growth in processes often creates huge inefficiencies. Our solutions give you the tools needed to analyze and conduct risk free experiments.

Our user friendly and innovative solution is an improvement tool that puts the most sophisticated projects and processes into the hands of those responsible for the operations and management. The dashboard enables you to easily and quickly capture any of your project status, budget and processes.

OPS reporting tool allows all stakeholders to get involved in the classification process for effective planning, monitoring and communication.

Solution Features and Highlights:

  • OPS:provides an optimizing scheduler that automates your resources tasks.
  • Project charter.
  • Portfolio management.
  • Projects planning.
  • Resource Time sheet.
  • Project costs, budgets and tracking.
  • Project change request module.
  • Resources utilization.
  • Manages tasks, resources and costs in one package.
  • Dynamic calendar working days.
  • KPIs.
  • Alerts and Triggers.
  • Support for shift working.
  • Integrated with Microsoft out look.
  • Import and export Projects from MS Projects.
  • Analyze the Plan and divide it into Tasks in terms of sequence and flow of Tasks.
  • Web based platform, where you can run your Projects over the cloud.
  • Projects status and dead line.
  • Automatic resource leveling, tasks conflict resolutions, and task filtering.
  • Built-in templates to get you started.
  • Graphical User Interface to conveniently edit your projects, view and generate Gantt charts and reports.
  • Support for profit/loss analysis.
  • HTML and XML report generation.
  • Powerful project description syntax.
  • Support for central resource allocation database.
  • To-do lists.
  • Milestone Management.